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BlueHost vs HostMonster Visit HostMonster $3.95/mo


BlueHost vs FastDomain Visit FastDomain $3.95/mo
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#7 BlueHost vs WebHostingPad Use Coupon “Love” to Save $25
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BlueHost Discount $3.95 Per Month


Bluehost is renowned for its quality services in the web hosting industry. With over 20,000 customers leveraging their services per month and more than 1.9 million websites hosted, there is no doubt about the superb web hosting plans and services that the company offers. Besides, webmasters enjoy all these at very affordable cost compared to other web hosts in the industry. In order to lower their cost further, BlueHost is constantly offering BlueHost discount $3.95 per month to webmasters.

This web hosting company is popular for supplying extremely affordable and high quality web hosting products and services in the industry. And now, with the BlueHost discount price (half of the original price), you can access the vast array of unlimited web hosting features that the company offers. Don’t forget that the discount price is almost half of the market rate – so you have more to save by taking advantage of BlueHost discount coupons. BlueHost is among the top 20 web hosts trusted by millions of satisfied users.

The company started operation in 1996 and has since been providing unparalleled web hosting services to both individuals and business owners. BlueHost discount $3.95 per month makes the cost of their quality services even more affordable. One of the things that make BlueHost thick is their evolutionary technology which goes through constant upgrade in order to provide maximum satisfaction to their valued customers. There are tons of benefits to enjoy with BlueHost coupon codes. This review is focused on the technical benefits of BlueHost discount offer.

Top 3 Technical Advantages of BlueHost Discount $3.95 Per Month

Among other outstanding benefits, you would enjoy tons of technical advantages when leveraging BlueHost Discount $3.95 Per Month. Here are the top 3 among the technical advantages;

1.     Superb Technology

You will enjoy the superb technology from BlueHost even with the BlueHost discount price. The company has a stand-by team of highly trained professionals who work round the clock to ensure optimum technological support. Besides, the company incurs tons of million dollars every year to ensure high quality technological performance, hence quality service to its highly valued customers. This is why BlueHost users rarely experience downtime, and their hold-time does not exceed 30 seconds even with the huge clientele base being attended to at the same time.

The company has its own data centers as well as nationwide fiber network. So, it doesn’t depend on external servers to provide technological services to its clients as other web hosts would do. The company prides about its outstanding technology in this manner; “Indeed, our technology is really what sets us apart from other web hosting companies….we have our own servers, we have our own nationwide fiber network and we build our own custom Linux kernel” Thus, the company handles every aspect of their customers’ hosting without an external support. So, clients’ issues are resolved quicker without having to wait for longer processes (hence time wasting) involved in using external technological support.

2.     Uninterrupted Online Support

Also, one of the technical advantages webmasters can enjoy with the BlueHost discount $3.95 per month is continuous online support. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without the independent and superb technology that the company runs. Thus, every user can get online support for any issue on 24/7 basis.

Whether you just purchased a web hosting plan and need to install your website, or simply need to resolve issues with your up-and-running website, you can access BlueHost continuous online support with a click of the mouse. Remember, the technology is in place to help you resolve any type of technical issue. BlueHost online continuous support comes in different forms; the email support system, ticket system, live chat tool, phone contact and more. The hold-time does not exceed 30 seconds. You will also leverage the ‘Anytime Money-back Guarantee” if you are not satisfied with the company’s services. All these privileges and wide diversities of services are available with the BlueHost discount $3.95 per month.

3.     Superior Backup Facilities

Another excellent BlueHost service available at half the market rate of web hosting purchase is superior backup facility. This excellent backup infrastructure is for the sole purpose of providing you and other webmasters with non-stop web hosting support and to ensure your online business does not experience downtime.

Thus, the company has two secondary data centers occupying more than 20,0002ft space. In addition, BlueHost provides diesel generators, UPS power, including multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections that span across different locations in the world. The company puts it this way, “We want you to be successful with your website and online business and we intend that our first rate technologies, facilities and professional staff will be the solution you need to achieve uncommon success!”

These top technical advantages among other tons of benefits are completely accessible with the BlueHost discount $3.95 per month. Don’t forget that the offer is for a limited period, so take advantage of it while it lasts and save more $$$.

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